Kate Angell

National Bestselling Romance Novelist

Barefoot William, FL

JUNE 2012 release
Kensington Books

No TAN LINES. The first book in the Barefoot William series.

"Hot, Sexy, Smart!"
New York Times author Carly Phillips.

There's a place where the ocean meets the shore, where kicking off your shoes and baring some skin is as natural as sneaking under the boardwalk for an ice cream cone and stolen kisses. But life isn't all a beach for Shaye Cates, even if her idea of an office is a shady umbrella at the water's edge equipped with cell phone and laptop. Steely-eyed Trace Saunders is the incredibly irksome fly in her coconut tanning oil. And running a kids' softball team with her long-time rival is going to have everyone in her little Florida town buzzing. Her scads of laid-back relatives and his whole uptight clan know that Shaye just wants to play ball while Trace thinks only of business. But beneath the twinkling lights of the ferris wheel, the magic of sea and sand can sweep away every inhibition...Suddenly, it's summertime, and the lovin' is easy.

BOOK LIST: The Richmond Rogues baseball romances - Squeeze Play, Curveball, Strike Zone, and Sliding Home - are now available as e-books on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords and most digital sites! Enjoy! These books are no longer in print, except as used copies on Amazon or eBay. Ho-Humbug-Ho, the novella from the anthology Santa, Honey! features ballplayer Alex Boxer. The Christmas short story is digital, too. Sweet Spot - Available in print and e-book.

Barefoot William Series: No Tan Lines, No Strings Attached and No Sunshine When She's Gone.

Anthologies: Unwrapped; He's The One; Sugar Cookie Sweetheart Swap.

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ABOUT ME: I live in Beautiful Naples on the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. I love the sunshine, as well as the seasonal summer thunderstorms. I'm a morning person. I enjoy brunch. I'm an animal lover and avid reader. I laugh a lot. My birthday's in March, I'm an Aries. My favorite color is purple. My lucky number is 25. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. My office has lots of plants: bamboo, Elephant Ear, and TickleMe. I buy a fresh bouquet of flowers each week. I enjoy going to the movies. Try to read a book each week. Love museums. Can make popcorn a meal. Love Starbucks. I eat Rice Krispies for the 'snap, crackle, pop'. I spend hours at book stores. Like Saturday morning cartoons. Watch General Hospital. Favorite evening TV shows include: Castle, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory. Reality TV: Dancing With the Stars, Big Brother, Survivor. I've been fortunate to have the same editor throughout my career: the very innovative and savvy Alicia Condon. Authors I read outside romance: Carl Hiaasen, Stuart Woods (Stone Barrington series), and Richard Castle.

MY PHILOSOPHY: Out of chaos comes calmness. Appreciate the peace!

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No Sunshine When She's Gone is available!
Chapter One can be read on the site.

Life's A Beach

Though his family owns the charming beachside town of Barefoot William, Aidan Cates is as down-to-earth as the locals. He's also practical to a fault and doesn't believe some psychic on the boardwalk can predict his future.

Jillian Mac is as free as the breeze, so when the hot stranger and his date mistake her for a fortune teller, she's ready to have some fun. But one devastating secret told, one mistaken identify revealed, and numerous long summer nights later, it's Jillie and Aidan who discover that sometimes love comes with a simple twist of fate.

Cameo appearances by the Richmond Rogues! Risk Kincaid, Psycho McMillan, and James Lawless.



No Sunshine When She’s Gone is the 3rd book in the Barefoot Willams series by Kate Angell. It is also the first book that I have had the privilege to read by this amazing author. I loved this book so much I rushed to download the first two books in the series. Although this was the 3rd in the series at no time did I feel like I was lost or missing something. This book can totally be read as a stand alone in the series. Let me tell you a little about this wonderful story that has me hooked and craving the other books in the series.
This story is actually the story of 2 different couples, Aidan Cates and Jillie Mac , and Carrie White and Mike Burke. Both of their stories are intertwined. Jillie and Carrie work in Promotions for the Richmond Rogues Baseball team. Aidan and Mike are building their new Spring Training Facilities in Barefoot Williams, Florida. As the story starts, Aidan and his girlfriend mistake Jillie for a fortune teller at a pier carnival. Isn’t he shocked to find out that she is not who he thinks she is. Not until later that night when they arrive at his sisters does he truly learn Jillies identity. It is also the night that Mike has meet his match in shy, quiet, sweet, innocent Carrie White. He is rude and aloof, refers to her as Vanilla. But under it all, he takes an interest in Carrie, and she in him, both realizing that there is more to the other than meets the eye.
Jillie is one to bend the truth at times, she is fiercely loyal, loves her family, protects her friends, and feels an instant attraction to Aidan. But Jillie has been burned in the past, is always looking for an escape route. She doesn’t trust that Aidan’s feelings could be as strong as hers, so she keeps trying to push him away. It is not until she stops running, starts to really look at the possibilities that she begins to realize that she and Aidan could have something amazing. Carrie is afraid to believe that Mike can actually see past the uncertain girl, the girl damaged by an abusive father, she is totally surprised by the direction that their friendship takes. Uncertain of a future, she tries to live in the moment and knows that she is a better person because of what Mike has brought into her life.
I truly love both couples. The humor in this story had me laughing hysterically at times. Mike and Jillie would bicker over Mike’s treatment of Carrie, Aidan and Mike would commiserate over how Jillie would nail them to the wall if they did not watch their step. Mike was super protective and loving with Carrie, doing little things to try and make things easier for her without trying to suffocate her. Jillie and Aidan dancing around the attraction that they felt for each other, both couple finally getting to the heart of the matter and seeing a HEA in their futures.
If you are looking for a feel good book about friends, family, a lot of laughs and a wonder double HEA, then pick up a copy of No Sunshine When She’s Gone by Kate Angell. You will get so much more than you ever expected. I loved wonderful story so much I had to give it 5 AMAZING Stars.

NIGHT OWL REVIEWS - Score: 5.00 /​ 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

Having read and LOVED No Strings Attached, the previous Barefoot Williams book I was very eager to get into this world. "No Sunshine When She's Gone" was just as amazing as book 2 in the series. I loved the characters and the way that Kate Angell manages to tell a story while also making the characters weasel their way into your heart. By then end of the book you are just undeniably happy to see how things worked out.
In her usual style Ms. Angell managed to create not one but two amazing relationships in this book. I honestly cannot say whether I liked Aidan & Jillian or Carrie & Mike's story better. And The town itself-Barefoot Williams- is most definitely one of my favorite settings in all the many books I've read. I love this beach town, everyone is so nice, and the scenic areas of the town just seem so dazzling. I think if there was ever a chance to visit a fictional world I would wish to visit Barefoot Williams.
Though this is the third book in the series, you can read it as a stand alone. But I promise you, once you delve into Kate Angell's world of sandy beaches, homey towns and hot romances that you will end up reading each and every book in the series one right after the other. They are just that good!
Jillie Mac isn't fortune teller but that doesn't stop one wickedly attractive Aidan Cates from thinking otherwise. So instead of setting him straight, she decides what's the harm in having some fun. But having more than one secret revealed may lead to more than either Jillian or Aidan ever expected. Is love in their future! Only time will tell!

BOOK PAGE: 'Sunny novel of love'.

ROMANTIC TIMES BOOK REVIEWS: TOP PICK, 4 1/​2 stars. Angell’s fun-filled cast of characters has old rivalries, intense history, loves lost and found, family ties, diverse pasts and two unlikely couples to root for. The story will keep readers up late into the night as it spirals into side plots that make you laugh one moment and frustrate you the next. Add Olive the parrot’s hilarious cameos and this book has all the makings of an addicting tale.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: Angell follows No Strings Attached with a delightful third book set in the quirky boardwalk town of Barefoot William and incorporating her even more popular Richmond Rogues baseball series. Jill Mac and her friend Carrie are in Florida to build fan support for the Rogues’ new spring training facility, which will be built by handsome Aidan Cates, successful contractor and part of the family that runs the town. After Jill impulsively masquerades as a psychic and predicts Aidan’s breakup with his current girlfriend, he is intrigued and pursues Jill. Few obstacles slow down this romance, but Aidan and Jill’s convincing relationship, as well as a matching one between Carrie and Aidan’s second-in-command, dour Mike, and cameos by characters from previous books are appealing, and the author’s lighthearted approach and warmth of the spring sunshine make this a winner.

FRESH FICTION: NO SUNSHINE WHEN SHE'S GONE is the newest installment in Kate Angell's fun Barefoot William series. I love reading about the beachside town of Barefoot William. No matter the weather, this series always brings the beach to me -- the feel of the sun, the smell of the great junk food, and the overall feeling of relaxation that comes with hanging out on the beach. Kate Angell does a great job of creating a sense of place with this series.

April 30, 2013 Kensington Books

READ the first chapter of NO STRINGS ATTACHED, book two in the Barefoot William series. This is Sophie and Dune's story. Beach, boardwalk, and romance.

Balmy ocean breezes…sweet coconut oil…glistening tanned bodies. There’s no better place for romantic sparks to fly than at the beach.

As a professional volleyball player, Dune Cates attracts scores of pretty women who flock to his side. But only one has managed to get under his skin—sweet, naive, shy Sophie Saunders. Unlike the skimpily-clad beach groupies, Sophie marches to a beat all her own. And though she’s afraid of the surf, burns in the sun, has two left feet, that doesn’t stop her from trying every daring sport available on the boardwalk. Dune knows Sophie spells trouble, and he should keep his distance, especially since he’s a no-strings-attached kind of guy. But he can’t ignore an overwhelming instinct to protect her. And with the promise of ice cream sandwiches, merry-go-round rides and dreamy sunsets, it’s only a matter of time before Dune gives in to the temptation of Sophie’s soft lips.

Love is always sweeter in the summer.

Romantic Times Magazine gave NO STRINGS ATTACHED a reviewer 'Top Pick' - which is very exciting. "Angell's enchanting, warmhearted story gives readers a double dose of romance. Filled with wonderfully engaging characters, including an endearing hero, a shy yet courageous heroine and plenty of familiar faces, this is one very charming, feel-good tale."

Publisher's Weekly said: “sizzling romantic interludes…an endearing and humorous coming-of-age tale with a sweet heroine.”